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Find Your Happily Ever After Vending Machine Services in Afton

We have multiple vending machines available for your business in Afton. We have Coca-Cola and Pepsi vending machines, along with vending machines for snacks, food, or coffee. Payment plans vary, depending on your preferences. Traditional vending is easy because you only need vending machines installed, which we do for free. Subsidized vending is nice, though, because it gives employees a bit of a discount. Free vending, of course, is an employee favorite because you offer everything to employees for free. Regardless of your payment plan choice or vending machine, we will do our best to serve your Afton business with brevity.

Don’t Offer Bland Coffee and Tap Water – Show Employees Keep Afton Employees Happy with Hot, Quality Office Coffee and Excellent Water Filtration

Nothing is worse than being exhausted, reaching for a coffee cup, then finding out there is no coffee left. Office coffee service for businesses in Afton, however, is seamless with Royal Vending. Your Afton employees will never have to worry about their cups running dry again. We keep your shelves fully stocked with flavored teas and coffees for hot beverages. Long days in the office do not have to be miserable. Show your employees that their time matters – as well as their high-class coffee choices.

Royal Vending can also provide you with water units, office water, or water service. This is an often overlooked, yet vital part of the office. Clean water is extremely important for mental health in employees, as well as the numerous cups of coffee or tea consumed by employees. Refreshing water often comes from a bottle or at home (if it is not offered within the office). Save the environment, employee time, and increase happiness with water filtration in your Afton office.

Afton office coffee service

Adding a Micro-Market for Your Office in Afton

What exactly is a micro-market? As an open market, the style is clean, minimal, and easy to access. Afton employees can wander among the open coolers and wracks, making it easy to grab and go. Furthermore, the self-checkout kiosks make the purchases quick and seamless, allowing employees to simply pay with their debit or credit card. The large variety in the convenience store makes micro-markets appealing to businesses of all sizes.

If you’d like to set up an account with us for vending machines or office coffee service, call us 763-425-3690 or email us at info@royalvending.com. For the widest variety of vending products in Afton, look no further than Royal Vending.