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Anoka vending machines

Say Hello to Your Vending Machine Service in Afton

Royal Vending has many years of experience in the vending industry, while finding new, innovative ways to serve Anoka businesses. Pepsi vending machines and Coca-Cola vending machines are available for caffeine addicts, along with food vending machines, healthy vending machines, and snack vending machines. You do not need to make employees leave the office simply because they are hungry. Instead, allow Royal Vending to set up a clean, quality vending machine, completely free of charge.

Anoka Employees Need the Best Office Coffee and Water Filtration Available

Keep your Anoka break room shelves fully stocked with our office coffee service. We love serving businesses in Anoka by providing an assortment of coffee and teas, coffee brewers, and superb service. Additionally, single cup brewers are available. Instead of roasting one coffee for everyone, why not brew one cup at a time with specialty options? Cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc. can be made within minutes of each other.

Hot beverages with quality water to match will keep employees coming back to the break room. Our water filtration is perfect for giving employees refreshing water. Keep employees properly hydrated with water that tastes good. Not only will employees be physically and mentally refreshed, but they will be able to work harder. We have several models available, depending on your style, space, and preference.

Anoka office coffee service

Finding Value in Your Anoka Micro-Market

Unsurprisingly, businesses of all sizes in Anoka love the small corner store, also known as a micro-market. The open coolers and wracks invite employees to grab their items and make their purchase quickly, using the self-checkout kiosks. The convenience store allows employees to purchase with their debit or credit card, making it fast, convenient, and stress-free. Many businesses find the micro-market invaluable due to its convenience monetarily and physically. The micro-market feels more personal – like a small grocery store – than a machine.

If you’re looking for friendly, personalized service, call us at 763-425-3690 or email us at info@royalvending.com.