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Apple Valley vending machines

Take Your Pick from our Vending Machine Options in Apple Valley

Apple Valley would not be complete without a healthy vending machine. Keep the brains of employees moving with fresh food on hand. Royal Vending also offers customers a food vending machine, snack vending machine, Pepsi vending machine, or Coca-Cola vending machine. Royal Vending can provide your business with coffee vending machines as well, which is perfect for the mid-day slump.

Fresh Office Coffee and Impeccable Water Filtration in Apple Valley

Royal Vending enjoys keeping break rooms full and Apple Valley employees happy. This often starts with some piping hot coffee and tasty, clean water. Hot beverages can be made with the assortment of coffee and teas using our coffee equipment. A great beverage starts with clean water, of course, which is why Royal Vending proudly provides their water filtration service, which consists of water units, filtered water, or office water. The benefits of clean water far outweigh tap water, such as employee health (mentally and physically), happiness, and wellbeing. You can have the water filtration sit on a countertop or standing on the floor. We love keeping your preferences in mind, which we can work with easily. Water filtration is an excellent way to ensure coffee tastes fresh. There’s no reason to keep tap water when water filtration is easy to add and clearly beneficial.

AnoApple Valleyka office coffee service

Apple Valley’s Own Little Micro-Market

The ease of purchasing a micro-market item makes it appealing to many businesses, big or small. The convenience store is aesthetically pleasing with its open coolers and wracks, making it easy to reach. In addition, the purchases are quick with the self-checkout kiosks, which allows your Apple Valley employees to use their debit or credit card. You do not need to let them stand by a vending machine; let them stand up, move around, and buy whatever they need. The small corner store has the most variety, giving your employees even more options.

If you want to build your Apple Valley business with drinks and snacks, call us at 763-425-3690 or email us at info@royalvending.com.