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Brooklyn Park vending machines

Finding the Perfect Vending Machine for your Brooklyn Park Office

If you’ve been looking for Pepsi vending machines or Coca-Cola machines, Royal Vending offers both. With any machine – for drinks or food – you receive complimentary, free vending machine installations for your Brooklyn Park business. In addition, you can choose between our traditional vending, subsidized vending, or free vending options. There are benefits to all options. Traditional vending is easy for employees to navigate. Subsidized vending is an added perk, keeping prices lower for all employees. Free vending, of course, is a favorite among employees. Who doesn’t like free food or drinks?

Sipping Quality Office Coffee or Utilizing Water Filtration in Brooklyn Park Offices

Office coffee service and water filtration service is offered by Royal Vending. Your break room will have fully stocked shelves, flavored teas and coffees, as well as coffee equipment to make the best coffee around. You can also provide fresh, clean water with our water filtration, which we can easily hook up to your waterline. Brooklyn Park employees love visiting the break room with water filtration because their water is always fresh. In addition, whenever they make coffee or tea, their drink will already taste better because it is filtered water, not tap water. This is fantastic for employee health, mentally and physically. Nobody can complain about clean water in the office.

Brooklyn Park office coffee service

Shopping at your Micro-Market in Brooklyn Park

Many businesses enjoy the benefits a micro-market brings to break rooms. As a small corner store in your Brooklyn Park office, it presents items on open coolers and wracks for easy viewing and efficient shopping. Additionally, the self-checkout kiosks are perfect for the fast pace of busy office days in Brooklyn Park, where they can purchase their items by simply swiping their debit or credit card. Opening a convenience store provides employees with a large variety of items, making it a pleasant option for everyone.

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