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Coon Rapids vending machines

Swift Vending Machines in Coon Rapids

Royal Vending is a vending machine business, ready to equip your office with the best vending machines in Coon Rapids. With many years of experience, Royal Vending has provided employees with Pepsi vending machines, Coca-Cola vending machines, food vending machines, snack vending machines, and coffee vending machines for years. To keep employees productive, Royal Vending keeps all machines tidy, full, and clean. While this may seem small, nothing is worse than a greasy machine without the drink you need. Royal Vending does not allow this to happen, however, due to its many years of experience and dedication to all customers.

Quick Office Coffee and Quality Water Filtration in Coon Rapids

Having access to quality water, teas, and coffees does not seem like a tough task, but many businesses in Coon Rapids struggle to offer the best. Office coffee service comes with many benefits, such as a single cup coffee system, fully stocked shelves, and hot beverages. The assortment of coffee and teas is the perfect match to our water filtration service as well. Water filtration is an easy addition to an office, as well as a valuable one. Fresh water is a big deal, yet many businesses overlook it because it is a common drink. Mental and physical health of employees can only improve with fresh water, rather than tap water. You can set up water filtration wherever works for you; countertop models and floor standing models are available.

Coon Rapids office coffee service

Micro-Market in Coon Rapids

If you would like a small corner store for your Coon Rapids office, consider the micro-market Royal Vending offers customers. As a convenience store, it allows employees to select their item, grab an item off the open coolers or wracks, then checkout with their credit or debit card in a self-checkout kiosk. Keep employees happy with a quick, easy solution to their hunger, without compromising their time.

If you are ready to add vending services to your Coon Rapids business, consider Royal Vending by calling us at 763-425-3690 or emailing us at info@royalvending.com. No question is too small; we want to provide you with our proven service.