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Edina vending machines

Visiting the Idea of Vending Machines in Edina

Royal Vending has a vast amount of experience in the industry. They meticulously take care of your Edina business by carefully listening to requests and using the latest technology. We can offer your Edina business with Pepsi vending machines, Coca-Cola vending machines, and coffee vending machines. These drink machines are perfect for employees to take a quick trip and back to work. Food vending machines and snack vending machines are also available. Once you have chosen your machine, we offer a free vending machine installation at your earliest convenience.

Offering Value to the Break Room in Edina with Royal Vending Office Coffee and Water Filtration

Fresh water and coffee is a simple, yet often overlooked bonus to any office. We provide an office coffee service, which gives employees the option to choose from a variety of flavored teas and coffees, as well as superb coffee equipment. The water filtration service ensures your water is always fresh. The setup is extremely easy for you, as Royal Vending offers plumbing units to directly hook up to your waterline. You do not have to worry about it and your employers can happily drink refreshing water. We also keep a pleasant assortment of coffee and teas available for your breakroom, which we always keep fully stocked. Hot beverages should be delicious, not an afterthought found in the breakroom. Royal Vending makes sure your employees enjoy the break room and all that it offers.

Edina micro-market services

Finding Eden in Edina with the Micro-Market

Carrying cash has become less common, which can occasionally be an inconvenience. Keeping up with today’s modern world is a new style: the micro-market. With the self-checkout kiosks and open market style, Edina employees can quickly grab their item and purchase it with their debit or credit card. Having a small corner store gives employees more options and more convenience than ever before.

Royal Vending has many years of experience. If you aren’t sure what your office needs or simply have a few questions, please call us at 763-425-3690 or email us at info@royalvending.com.