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Hire Fresh Food Experts To Transform Your Break Room

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Talented Employees Want Fresh, Delicious Food Onsite.

The food vending machine professionals in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Our food vending machine service offers customized, fresh food options sure to wow employees. Reap the rewards of increased productivity as workers can choose nutritious and delicious entrees around the clock. All food is made in locations inspected by the Food and Drug Administration, ensuring it’s safe and ready to eat.

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  • Fresh Food

    Our food is sourced from FDA inspected locations focused on providing quality items.

  • Customized Selections

    We tailor our food vending machine menu to the tastes of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  • Employee Benefit

    Use better food options to retain talented employees and offer an additional perk.

  • Productivity

    Quality entrees onsite mean employees can eat while avoiding a trip off site.

Ready to satisfy your food cravings

Choose from our expansive variety of tasty fresh food options for your workplace.

Make your food vending machine a showcase in your employee benefit program with Royal Vending at 763.425.3690 or info@royalvending.com.