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Fridley vending machines

Figuring Out Vending Machine Services in Fridley

Royal Vending is a Fridley vending service, offering vending machine solutions to many businesses in the area. We provide you with free vending machine installations for snack vending machines, food vending machines, and cold food vending machines. We want to make the vending machine a short, pleasant visit for employees, rather than a last-resort trip. We accomplish this with our years of experience and dedication to all our clients. We also offer Coca-Cola vending machines, Pepsi machines, and coffee machines. Our plethora of choices and options will ensure your experience is fast and efficient.

Keep Frigid Office Coffee and Flakey Water Filtration Away with Royal Vending for your Fridley Office

Office coffee service and water filtration service is available upon request. Our office coffee equipment matches perfectly with our delicious assortment of coffee and teas. We also have a single cup brewer available, which allows employees to create single servings of their specialty drinks. Hot beverages should not be compromised due to unfiltered water, of course, which is why we also provide office water. We offer water service for your Fridley breakroom, which includes water filtration. We can easily set you up with filtered water using our plumbing water units and our numerous models for various areas in the break room. We want to set your break room up with quality, quantity, and quintessential break room items.

Fridley micro-market services

Operating your Micro-Market in Fridley

A micro-market acts as a small corner store in your office. Fridley employees can visit anytime to grab a snack and refuel immediately. The self-checkout kiosks make the convenience store extremely handy, even allowing employees to use their debit or credit cards. The large variety of items and open market style is irresistible for businesses of all sizes. This appealing setup can operate efficiently in your Fridley office; let us know what you want so we can make it happen.

For more information on Royal Vending, please call us at 763-425-3690 or email us at info@royalvending.com. We love finding the perfect solution to your needs.