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Golden Valley vending machines

Golden Vending Machines in Golden Valley

Finding the right vending machine company can be timely and costly, especially if the service is lacking. Royal Vending, however, has many years of experience in the vending business, keeping customers happy with their superb service and quality items. We offer free vending machine installations for all our machines, including healthy vending machines. Our traditional vending, subsidized vending, and free vending options makes the process seamless and easy for Golden Valley businesses to apply. You choose your favorites and we will set it up quickly and efficiently.

Golden Service for your Office Coffee and Water Filtration in Golden Valley

Golden Valley employees can get bogged down by the Monday blues, just like anyone else. Why not offer fresh, filtered water with our assortment of coffee and teas? We love to keep break rooms brimming with fully stocked shelves. Our office coffee service comes with flavored teas and coffees, as well as coffee brewers. We also have a single cup brewer, which allows employees their individual choice of specialty coffees, such as a mocha.

The water filtration service is a nice touch to any office. It is easy to add and a pleasant gift to employees. While flavored teas and coffees may seem small or insignificant, employees will greatly appreciate the gesture. Filtered water with coffee and tea, however, can only make it better. Additionally, adding water filtration allows employees access to refreshing water, rather than tap water. This can make a big difference in office moral because it shows employees you are thinking of them.

Golden Valley micro-market services

The Golden Micro-Market of Golden Valley

People love shopping, especially when it is convenient. Why not add a shiny little corner to your Golden Valley office? Adding a micro-market provides employees with a convenience store, complete with self-checkout kiosks for quick purchases. Unlike vending machines, the small corner store has open coolers and wracks for people to grab before diving back into work. Your Golden Valley employees will love this snack area.

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