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Lakeville vending machines

Vending Machines for Lakeville Companies

Royal Vending offers full service vending for their customers. If you want a Coca-Cola vending machines or Pepsi vending machines for your Lakeville business, consider Royal Vending. We also offer food vending machines for quick snacks on busy days with nonstop meetings. In addition, we have several payment options, such as traditional vending, subsidized vending, and free vending. Your needs will always be met with Royal Vending.

Freshly Brewed Office Coffee and Proper Water Filtration for Lakeville

Office coffee can be a simple pot of coffee or a single cup coffee brewers. The choices are nearly endless with our coffee service. You will never lack an assortment of coffee and teas with Royal Vending. Our office coffee service ensures your fully stocked shelves stay that way, even when employees find themselves returning for hot beverages daily.

Our service does not stop there, however; we provide water filtration service for your Lakeville break room as well. All break rooms and company environments are unique, which is why we offer countertop models and floor standing models, allowing you to provide fresh water without taking too much space. Employees will love a cold, refreshing cup of water. They can also use it with their coffee or tea, improving the taste of their hot beverage, as well as their overall happiness.

Lakeville micro-market services

Shopping with Self-Serve Kiosks in Lakeville

Shopping does not need to be limited by vending machines. In fact, your Lakeville business can have its own small corner store. As a convenience store, it is an open market with open coolers, allowing the area to be more open and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the self-checkout kiosks are perfect because employees can check out with their debit or credit card. Unsurprisingly, this is a popular option for many Lakeville businesses. The convenience, look, and increased options is a win for everyone.

Please give Royal Vending a call at 763-425-3690 or email at info@royalvending.com for further information. We would love to set you up with new vending machines, office coffee, water filtration, or a micro-market.