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Maplewood vending machines

Keep the Office Sweet with Some Vending Machines in Maplewood

Retaining employees largely comes down to company culture. Vending machines is one way to improve company culture. The convenience of a Coca-Cola vending machine or Pepsi vending machine is hard to beat. In addition, we provide healthy vending machines, snack vending machines, and coffee vending machines. Our wide variety of machines – as well as payment services – makes Royal Vending an easy choice for your Maplewood business.

Tasty Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Maplewood Employees

Office coffee does not need to be boring. We love to keep shelves fully stocked with an assortment of coffee and teas. With our single cup coffee system, you can give employees individualized options. For example, they can make a cappuccino in the office, rather than forcing them to leave the office for a drink. We like to keep the break room a happy place with happy options for hot beverages of all kinds.

Water filtration is an important part of a break room. Fresh, filtrated water keeps employees healthier, while providing them with a refreshing choice, rather lukewarm tap water. Our water units hook up to your waterline directly, eliminating any hassles. Your Maplewood employees deserve the best water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Maplewood micro-market services

Why the Micro-Market is a Marvelous Choice for Maplewood Businesses

The open market style is enticing for many reasons. As a small corner store, the open coolers and wracks makes items inviting. In addition, you can provide more items with your own convenience store than a vending machine and the self-checkout kiosks, makes the micro-market very popular. By being able to quickly grab an item, swipe a debit or credit card, and back to work within minutes makes this a popular choice for lots of Maplewood businesses.

You can call Royal Vending at 763-425-3690 or email at info@royalvending.com. We would be happy to talk to you about vending machines or set you up with a micro-market, office coffee, or water filtration as soon as possible.