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Oakdale vending machines

Vending Machine Options in Oakdale

Oakdale businesses can easily contribute to company morale by adding easily accessible food and drinks. For instance, we have Coca-Cola vending machines and Pepsi vending machines, which is perfect for adding to lunch or as a mid-day caffeine boost. In addition, we have food vending machines and healthy vending machines, which is entirely up to you. We offer traditional vending, subsidized vending, and free vending, which gives you multiple payment options to best suit your Oakdale company.

Freshly Roasted Office Coffee and Quality Water Filtration for Oakdale Offices

Employees enjoy having flavored teas and coffees within their own Oakdale office. With Royal Vending,we can provide you with plenty of hot beverages by keeping your shelves fully stocked and using our coffee brewers. Moreover, we have single cup portions to provide employees with even more options. Oakdale offices should have quality coffee and machinery to match. Royal Vending can accommodate your needs easily with our office coffee service.

Filtered water is another benefit to Oakdale offices. Fresh, cold water keeps employees hydrated, keeping employees happy and healthy. We offer water units that hook directly to your waterline providing an excellent option for Oakdale businesses.

Oakdale micro-market services

Oakdale Offices Can Add a Micro-Market

A micro-market is, essentially, your own convenience store. The open coolers and wracks enhances the shopping experience. The small corner store creates a happy vibe for grabbing essentials, while also serving basic needs. Employees love having their own convenience store in the office. Oakdale offices love the micro-market and it is not difficult to see why.

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