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Richfield vending machines

Richfield is Waiting for the Latest Vending Machines

Royal Vending is a full service vending company, offering food vending machines, snack vending machines, cold food vending machines, and healthy vending machines. In addition, you can choose from Coca-Cola vending machines or Pepsi vending machines, depending on the tastes of your Richfield employees. Royal Vending also provides the latest advances in technology including credit card readers and mobile payment options. We love finding vending machine solutions that celebrates your unique business, including the hardworking, talented employees within it.

Rich, Bold Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Richfield

Keep your break room full of our coffee equipment, assortment of coffee and teas, and lots of hot beverages. Coffee can be a personal preference. To fulfill your employees’ coffee needs, we offer a single cup coffee system. This allows Richfield employees a single cup portion of their favorite specialty coffee drinks, such as a cappuccino. No need to leave the office for your favorite drink, which will keep work flow from being disrupted.

Offering water filtration service to your Richfield location is a great benefit. Our water filters are plumbed in units that hook directly to your existing waterline. We provide the option of both counter top and floor standing models for your convenience. Office water has never been better for your Richfield office.

Richfield micro-market services

Micro-Market Shopping in Richfield

The micro-market is your personal convenience store. The open coolers and wracks keep everything fresh, fun, and full of ease. In addition, the self-checkout kiosks using your debit or credit card makes the process unfathomably simple. With a micro-market, there are a variety of options available including fresh food, organic and vegan selections. The open market style is appealing to Richfield businesses of all sizes.

To get started on one or more of our services, please call Royal Vending at 763-425-3690 or email us at info@royalvending.com. We look forward to speaking with you.