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Roseville vending machines

All is Rosy in Roseville with Vending Machines

Royal Vending provides Roseville businesses with superb service, full line vending, and free vending machine installations. Your Roseville employees are valuable, which Royal Vending recognizes. Whether you are looking for snack vending machines or Pepsi vending machines, Royal Vending can find the perfect solution for your Roseville break room. Traditional vending, subsidized vending, and free vending is available, allowing you to find the perfect program for your Roseville office.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration to Relax Roseville Employees

Leaving the office for coffee can be stressful. Employees may miss an important call, forget something important, or simply disrupt their day. Our office coffee service, however, provides a great benefit to your employees. We provide hot beverages with our coffee brewers, along with an assortment of coffee and teas. In addition, we offer a single cup coffee system, which allows employees to make specialty drinks (like a cappuccino) without stepping foot outside. Employees can stay focused longer, while grabbing a necessary caffeine drink to push past the long afternoons.

Water filtration service is a nice addition to any Roseville office. Fresh, cool water keeps employees healthy and vibrant throughout the day. In fact, Roseville employees can utilize our water units, which hook directly to your waterline. Moreover, we have countertop models or floor standing models to compliment your office’s layout and style. Most importantly, we provide quality office water. By doing so, we can help employees stay hydrated and satisfied.

Roseville micro-market services

Micro-Markets Growing in Roseville

In Roseville, micro-markets are becoming increasingly popular. The small corner store is your very own convenience store. Employees use the self-checkout kiosks with their credit or debit card after shopping the open market; the process is easy and efficient. The open coolers and wracks makes the micro-market visually appealing, inviting, and fun, while offering more options than vending machines.

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