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Making nutrition-conscious snacking part of the Minneapolis and St. Paul workplace

Happy employee eating a snack of chips from a vending machine

Meet snacking needs with today’s most delicious and popular items.

Professional Minneapolis and St. Paul service for snack vending machines

There is only one snack vending machine operator with the know-how and state-of-the-art vending machine equipment to deliver superior snack vending machine service -- Royal Vending. We fulfill our Minneapolis and St. Paul customer needs with modern vending equipment that includes infrared sensors to monitor if a product is delivered. If a product does not drop into the delivery area, the money is refunded instantly, eliminating the problem of finding a manager for refunds.

From traditional favorites to new healthier options, Royal Vending has a snack vending machine selection to meet all your workplace needs. Our equipment offers every convenience from a better user experience to cashless payment methods, including mobile payments. In addition, we tailor our selection of products to each location, ensuring an ideal combination.

Experts at the perfect grab-and-go snack selection

We hand-pick which snack items will compliment your employees and guests from sweet to salty.

Get snack vending machine service you can depend on from Royal Vending at 763.425.3690 or info@royalvending.com.