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St. Paul vending machines

Vending Machine Service with Class in St. Paul

Royal Vending’s company offers a plethora of choices with the latest vending machines in St. Paul. While Pepsi vending machines and Coca-Cola vending machines are available for your St. Paul business, you can also find healthy vending machines with Royal Vending. Many employees do not eat well because it’s inconvenient or requires extra planning. With a healthy vending machine, however, they can easily access it while taking a minimal amount of time. Food vending machines and snack vending machines are offered as well, ensuring your employees’ needs are always met. In addition, you are always offered a free vending machine installation so you can enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.

Don’t Offer Bland Coffee and Tap Water – Show Employees You Care with Fresh, Roasted Office Coffee and Easily Installable Water Filtration in St. Paul

Our office coffee service water filtration service is the perfect fit for your St. Paul break room. We can provide you with hot beverages, fully stocked shelves, and impeccable service. An assortment of coffee and teas are available with our coffee equipment. You can easily customize orders, using single cup brewers. This allows one employee to have a cappuccino, then the next employee the option for a latte. Employees love options.

In addition, our water filtration service can include water units, filtered water, or office water. Great coffee starts with a good base: clean water. This is easily accomplished by offering plumbing units, which we can hook up to your waterline. Offering employees convenient, clean, quality water has never been easier with our service in St. Paul.

St. Paul office coffee service

Add a Micro-Market into your St. Paul Office

Adding a micro-market is a wonderful addition to your office environment in St. Paul. The open market style provides your St. Paul employees with open coolers and wracks, making it easy to grab and go. Furthermore, the self-checkout kiosks make the purchases quick and seamless, allowing employees to simply pay with their debit or credit card. The large variety in the convenience store makes micro-markets appealing to businesses of all sizes.

Reach Royal Vending by calling us at 763-425-3690 or emailing us at info@royalvending.com. Find your vending and office coffee solution for your St. Paul business today.